Synaxis Music

Online Music Production

Music is our companion during important moments of our lives. It has the power to enhance moments with extraordinary rhythm and character.

We listen to music to renew the joy of life in ourselves, to find motivation, to relax for a while and forget about life's hardships. We listen to it to live out an inner adventure.

People are constantly perfecting the art of conveying to others these emotions, feelings and states of mind. We invent new instruments, new technology.

In recent years mankind invented a powerful instrument – the computer equipped with a Digital Audio Workstation. It's capabilities are already enormous and are becoming greater each day.

In combination with traditional acoustic instruments we have achieved virtually unlimited means of musical expression. We can produce music of every kind, every genre. We can produce sounds that are even better at conveying what we want to convey.

At Synaxis Music we utilize these means to produce the very best music we can. We are happiest when someone, whilst listening to our music, can feel at least slightly better and for at least a moment is more content with their life.

How do we work?

We make music recordings which sound like a live orchestra.

  1. 1.

    Let us know what you want to be done and send us working files via internet.

  2. 2.

    We will organize recording sessions in our studio with our session musicians.

  3. 3.

    After applying your feedback we will provide you with all tracks ready to download. Raw or mixed and mastered.

We are music makers. We have spent thousands of hours exploring our instruments. We know them inside out and we can create any sound you dream of.


Synaxis Music is an online music production company working with the best session musicians in Poland. It helps TV, theatre, movie, game and mobile app producers, composers and other music producers from all over the world to give life to their music and let it speak directly to the listeners' souls.

Synaxis Music production covers the entire range of musical pieces, from solo instrumental tracks (strings, woodwinds and brass) to full philharmonic orchestral music.

Co-founder Wojtek Slawinski works as the creative director and is a composer of music for games, films and theatre.