I believe that a game music deserves the sound of a real orchestra!

Wojtek Slawinski - co-founder of Synaxis Music
Wojtek Slawinski
Co-founder of Synaxis Music,
Creative Director and Composer

Our customers.

We have recorded multiple classical projects with Wojtek and his team, including major orchestra works, such as Dvorak Cello Concerto or Rachmaninoff Second Piano Concerto. Wojtek is professional and a great person to work with. We were always satisfied with the quality of the recordings he provided.

Alexis Steinmann
Alexis Steinmann
Co-founder at Tomplay (Switzerland)

Synaxis Music is an innovative offer on the music market. I have commissioned recordings from them for TV series like Dancing with the Stars, Superstarcie and CD productions.
It has turned out a very convenient solution.
You get your live recording, straight to your project, cut and ready for further work.
I recommend it highly!

Tomasz Szymus
Tomasz Szymuś
Musician, Composer, Music Arranger and Conductor
The head of the "Tomasz Szymuś Orchestra"
Music director of the "Dancing with the Stars" (Polish edition)

Synaxis Music provides a unique and professional service.
Wojtek Slawinski is an excellent cellist, arranger, producer and audio engineer. He was in constant communication during the entire production, was very thorough and delivered the tracks in a timely manner.
I HIGHLY recommend Synaxis Music!

Christopher John Curcio
Christopher John Curcio
Music Composer & Producer

Fantastic! You guys are great!
Wojtek is a very talented artist as well as producer. I've worked with him on several projects and he is always professional and goes beyond the extra mile. He is a joy to work with, and his team is also extremely talented.
I highly recommend this service.

Laura Sullivan
Laura Sullivan
Grammy® Winning Composer,
Billboard Top 10 Recording Artist

Collaborating with Mr. Wojtek Slawinski was one of the highlights in working on the short film "Where are you?".
He went above and beyond with every minute detail with confidence, ease and clear communication. I can honestly say that you will not find a more reliable, creative and hard-working person than Mr. Slawinski.
It was a great pleasure and honor to have collaborated with a musical artist genius!

Mohammad Al-Saeed
Mohammad Al-Saeed
Senior Creative Production at Massive Content
Film director

I truly enjoyed working with Wojtek.
Right from the start, he took the time to listen to my needs and concerns. Wojtek took his time on the projects and managed my expectations.
I can't say enough about his professionalism and good nature.
I'm grateful for the experience and having the opportunity to work with him.

Jannie Pilgrim
Jannie Pilgrim
CEO of The Deal LLC & Author

I have cooperated with Wojtek for couple of years.
His Synaxis Music team had done a great job, not only by delivering the recordings on time, but also by supporting and preparing scores for the musicians.
They made an excellent live recordings as well as a great sounding sampled midi mockups.
I strongly recommend Wojtek and his team for any musical project!

Agata Borzym
Agata Borzym
Manager and music promotor
Working in the music industry since 1996